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Jericoacoara Beach Portal

Jericoacoara Beach: Guide to the beautiful beaches of Ceará and region


Jericoacoara where is it? Have you ever wondered or been asked? Well, see everything about the beach of Jericoacoara Ceará, Brazil and its region.

Most people know that the coast of Ceará is beautiful and charming and it is even difficult to say which beach is the most beautiful of all. But one thing we have to agree, Jericoacoara has beautiful beaches that are coveted not in Brazil, but worldwide.

Jericoacoara is a virgin beach hidden behind the dunes on the west coast of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, Ceará, Brazil. Selected by the Washington Post as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, “Jeri” is made up of blue lagoons, calm seas and huge dunes.

When you reach the end of this article, you will know which are the best hotels and inns in Jericoacoara, what is the opinion of people who have already visited the place and other advice that will help you to have the best trip of your life.

Let’s move on, so keep an eye on the details, I promise, they will make a difference. Jericoacoara beaches and its surroundings can be a good place to get to know, take beautiful walks and see beautiful images.

Where is Jericoacoara and how to get there

So, see now, 3 ways to get to Jericoacoara and enjoy the ride of your life without any problems. Check out!

The logistics to reach the beaches of Jericoacoara was even more complicated, after all the village of Jericoacoara is located 300 km from the capital Fortaleza – Ceará and is surrounded by a park taken by dunes. With the opening of the Jericoacoara regional airport, it became easier to get to the place and shorten the distances.

By plane: There are two options to travel, the first would be to the Jericoacoara Regional Airport, located in the neighboring city of Cruz, 30 km from Jeri. The other option is to travel to the Pinto Martins International Airport in Fortaleza, which is 300 km from Jericoacoara.

Jericoacoara airport is new and has facilitated the arrival in the city, but the offer of flights are still small. Despite the new airport, many people still arrive in Jeri via Fortaleza airport.

By bus: The company that makes the bus trip between Fortaleza and Jeri is Fretcar. You can get to Jijoca de Jericoacoara Bus Terminal Eng. João Thomé, being even easier through the bus station in the Messejana neighborhood.

You can still have the option of closing hosting packages for Jericoacoara right next door, so you arrive at your destination without worries.

By car: The best option is to take the CE-085 state highway, also called Estruturante. The distance is more or less than 300 km.

After taking the CE-085, you can choose the route to follow through Jijoca de Jericoacoara or Vila do Preá.

Tips: When arriving at the points mentioned above, to have even more security, look for a tourist guide to indicate the best way. Because they are trails that change constantly because of the sand and do not have adequate signage.

If you leave Piauí (neighboring state), more precisely Teresina, it is possible to take the national road BR-343, continue to the city of Granja, then take the road to Jijoca.

The GPS will help you!

Where to stay in Jericoacoara – Best hotels

For everything to go perfect as planned, on your vacation or outing, you and your family need to settle down in a good place, with a warm, quality bed, a good breakfast to recover your energy, efficient room service and etc…

It is possible to find several inns in Jericoacoara and luxury 5 star hotels throughout Ceará’s coast and on the beaches around and Jericoacoara could not be different. But it has something for all tastes, there are cheaper accommodations without so much luxury, but that can provide you with a good bath, rest and breakfast at an affordable price.

Thus, you will be able to enjoy all the beaches in Jericoacoara always renewing and here you will find affordable values of the best rated and the best inns in Jericoacoara.

Jericoacoara Beach: A true paradise in Ceará

The name “Jericoacoara” comes from the Tupi language and means “turtle pit” (îurukûá means “sea turtle” and kûara means “pit, hole”).

Until recently Jeri was just a fishing village with little contact with modern life. Electricity was generated by diesel engines, and street lighting was provided only by the moon and stars.

After the publication of the Washington Post, tourism grew rapidly and the beach village became a world tourist destination. Electricity came in 1998, and today hot showers and air conditioning are no longer a luxury. However, electric street lighting remains prohibited by law.

It is one of the many places in Brazil where you can see the sun sinking into the ocean. Visitors and locals alike often see this spectacle of the high “sunset dune” around the village.

The village has streets covered in sand from the dunes. Jericoacoara is a popular place for windsurfing and sailing.

What caught the attention of the first visitors to Jericoacoara beach?

A paradisiacal place with waters of a color hardly seen, even more has beautiful natural landscapes.

Its attractions are a show apart, so here are some of its main attractions:

  • Pedra Furada: rock formation, about 2 meters high;
  • Sunset Dune: Dune at sunset;
  • Nossa Senhora da Consolação Church;
  • Saw: rock formation about 15 meters high;
  • Jericoacoara Lighthouse.

With a good structure and even more with laws for the protection and preservation of nature, it makes the beaches of Jericoacoara a true natural tropical paradise.

The place continues with its rustic culture, but also has a beautiful sophistication. Jeri is frequented by beautiful people, with money, surfers and some common beings from all over the world.

If you like partying, Jericoacoara also offers famous people and common people from all regions of the world will honor the place, making it highly popular during various times of the year.

But it is also possible to find places for those who like quieter things.

Holed stone

Jericoacoara: knowing even more about this paradise

Brazil is lucky to have over 4,600 miles of coastline. But finding a pristine beach among the myriad of playful beaches is harder than it looks. Jericoacoara is one of those beaches hidden in a rustic village in the northeast of the country.

Jericoacoara is a unique beach hidden behind the dunes on the west coast of Jijoca De Jericoacoara, Ceará, Brazil. The long distance between major cities and limited road access contribute to the isolation of the village and the beach. In the beginning, there was no electricity as mentioned before and there was also no road to connect the village.

Jericoacoara has been considered an environmental protection area since 1984 and was declared a national park in 2002. This has led to abundant building regulations and a tourism curve that has contributed to safeguarding the area.

The main beaches of Jericoacoara

See now the list of the most visited and main beaches in Jericoacoara:

  • Main Beach;
  • Preá;
  • Malhada Beach;
  • Of the Shells (pierced stone);
  • Vitória Beach;
  • Tatajuba Lagoon;
  • Lagoon of Paradise;

Thus, not necessarily, all are beaches, some are freshwater lagoons formed in the middle of the dunes. But they don’t miss anything with such beauty.

What can I do in Jericoacoara?

If you are looking for things to do in Jericoacoara, there will be no shortage of options, as there are many and there is something for all tastes, so read carefully so that you can plan your visit and enjoy everything.

Waking up early you can enjoy everything, as there are many options, here are some that you will love:

  • Enjoy the beach first thing in the morning;
  • Walk to Pedra Furada, if the tide is low;
  • Watch the sunset on the dune — the best program to be welcomed;
  • Spend the day at the beautiful Jijoca Lagoon.

You can enjoy it even more, there will be no shortage of options for you to have fun and occupy yourself.

Check the map below for some offers of hotels and inns in the region of Jericoacoara beach in Ceará northeastern coast.

Jijoca from Jericoacoara to Maragogi

From Jijoca de Jericoacoara to Maragogi it is 904.99 km in a straight line. Did you know that these are 2 super sought after destinations? Where many people plan their trips and try to close packages to get to know the 2 places.

For this, there are good options to travel from one to the other:

  • Car (just over 16h);
  • Bus (about 11h);
  • By plane, you have to go to the capital of Ceará to catch a flight to Maragogi, which lasts around 1h 15m.

Jericoacoara packages

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Well then, that’s it. We hope that our complete guide to the beaches of Jericoacoara has been useful to you. If you really liked it and were of help in any way, share this content on your social networks and make even more people have access to this information and useful tips from this paradise on earth, which will make a difference in their trip.

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